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Anxiety & Depression

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Anxiety and depression are the common colds of mental illness; at least as far as numbers go. But even though millions of people suffer from debilitating anxiety and depression, they are rarely helped by family or friends. Why? Because even in the 21st century people find it easier to judge than to accept.

Look at it another way: The brain is the most complicated thing in the creation, so it logically follows that more can go wrong with it than with anything else in our body. But, people don't care all too often. They don't try to understand. The stigma remains as strong as ever. If we get cancer, we are loved and accepted. If we suffer from debilitating anxiety or depression, we are left unaided and unhelped. Often, we must help ourselves.

Personally, I recommend following the teachings of the New Testament. The power of this book is unrivaled in helping with mental health issues. But, what else can we do if it is needed? Nutrition is crucial to everyone, but more so for the emotionally struggling. We need to get the best nutrition we can. Exercise is an absolute key; it calms the mind, relaxes the muscles, changes and improves our breathing pattern, etc. Other natural processes like prayer, mindfulness, and relaxation exercise can be very helpful. Try different things out and see what works. You never know what might help...

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